SciGlass : Detailed Features and Pathways : Plotting Query Results

  SciGlass has an expanded set of data plotting capabilities. Nearly all numerical information contained in the SciGlass databases as well as results of property calculations can be displayed in the graphic form. In many cases the user can plot data of various authors for the same system, or the data of one author for different systems, or the results of a comparison of experimental data with data calculated by several different methods. It is also possible to obtain property-property plots for different combinations of properties of glasses belonging to certain composition areas.

Besides Property plots, there are other types of graphs in SciGlass: ternary plots and optical spectra.


Example of Plotting Query Results


This picture shows how the results of a query can be plotted. One first defines a component and property to be displayed as the graph axes and select calculation method(s) for the property displayed as Y-axis, as well as the type of data presentation (in this example different points correspond to different references).


Resulting Plot


The resulting plot looks as follows. The solid line is a square fit to the calculated data.