SciGlass : Publications

  1. Mazurin O.V. History, perspectives, and problems of measurement and calculation of glass properties. Third Balkan Conference on Glass Science and Technology. Varna, 2005. In the paper results of analyses of glass property data compiled in the SciGlass-6.5 database are presented.
    Paper 1
  2. Mazurin O.V. Glass properties: compilation, evaluation, and prediction. J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 351 (2005) 1103-12. In the paper numerous examples of using the SciGlass database for determination of the most reliable dependencies of glass properties on glass compositions are demonstrated.
    Paper 2
  3. Mazurin O.V., Gankin Yu. About testing the reliability of glass property data in binary systems. J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 342 (2004) 166-9. The paper shows the importance of comparing new experimental data with all the data on corresponding compositions and properties. Such approach should prevent publications of highly erroneous data in journals with refereed papers.
    Paper 3
  4. Mazurin O.V., Gankin Yu. Determination of the most reliable glass property values by the SciGlass Information System. Proc. of XX Congress on Glass, Kyoto, 2004.
    Paper 4
  5. Priven A.I. General method for calculating the properties of oxide glasses and glass forming melts from their composition and temperature. Glass Technol. 45 (2004) 244-54. In the paper the most universal so far method of property calculations, Priven2000, is described. This method can be applied only by users of the SciGlass Information System.
    Paper 5
  6. Priven A.I., Mazurin O.V. Comparison of methods used for the calculation of density, refractive index and thermal expansion of oxide glasses. Glass Technol. 44 (2003) 156-66. It is shown that for every area of glass compositions it is desirable to find the method of property calculations that is the most precise for this particular area. Such selection can be performed simply enough by using the SciGlass Information System.
    Paper 6