SciGlass : Detailed Features and Pathways : Ternary Plots


Ternary plot is an effective search and display tool in SciGlass. It enables the user to display graphically experimental data on the desired property for a ternary system as well as perform calculations and display the calculations results on the same diagram.

To build a ternary plot one has to specify the components of the glass:


Then, the property, its range of values, and step of changing as well as the calculation method are specified.


Then one extracts experimental data and plots them as points:


Finally, calculated property values are drawn as curves corresponding to a constant property value ("isolines"):


Then the ternary plot can be exported. The graphs and tables produced and displayed on the screen can be printed or copied to the Clipboard, saved as ASCII files, or placed into an Excel spreadsheet directly from the Clipboard.

There is a Print Preview option in SciGlass that enables the user to control the appearance of the print output.