SciGlass : Detailed Features and Pathways


Search for Glasses
  A database information system which acts as an electronic notebook for glass scientists to enable the user to record or search for glasses with the desired complex of properties.

Selection of Tables
  A unique design format to present glass property data as tables similar to those in handbooks.

Properties Available in Search Routines of SciGlass
  There are two sets of property data that are available in the Tables and Glasses databases.

SciGlass Calculator
  Property calculation and prediction routines employ the most dependable, existing computational methods available to permit both prediction of properties of new compositions and comparison of calculated and experimental results.

Author Index
  Extensive Author Index for rapid search for desired information.

Subject Index
  Finding information on specific properties or conditions involved in property measurements.

Plotting Query Results
  Extensive graphics to visualize the dependences of glass properties on composition and temperature with multi-display capability of various published results within a single graphics window.

Commercial Glasses - Search for Trademarks
  Information on the properties of available commercial glasses.

Input of User Data
  Convenient procedure to input new data into the database. These data will be searched, compared with calculated data and included in graphics in the same way as the data containing in the original SciGlass database.